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How to make your own CCcam.cfg file ?

Most of the satellite receivers and boxes use CCcam.cfg file, to make it work you need to put your CCcam lines on it in order to work properly. Doing this is pretty much easy and you only need to edit your cccam.cfg like in the picture.

Step 1 : 

Create a simple text document

Step 2:

Put your CCcam lines in it. Make sure your lines have the correct format according to your receiver or box.

Example :

C: server1.cop 19555 test password

C: server2.cop 19555 test password

C: server3.cop 19555 test password

C: server4.cop 19555 test password

After this Click File and Save as at the bottom there is a section called « Save as Type » WRITE CCcam.cfg and save it.


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